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The dark side of vitamins


An enormous and inconceivable amount of money is spent every year in the world on vitamins and supplements to prolong a lifetime as it is believed. But many new studies are giving results proving this is going in totally other direction and taking it may shorten your life.

It is always advisable to take supplements in moderate measure. Excessive in-take of supplementary nutritional products will cause adverse effects. The best way to take-in vitamins is from natural food sources. You must not entirely rely on vitamin supplements.

There are some points to consider when talking about vitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements are processed. This means that a certain amount of chemical reaction is used to make them. Even though the manufacturer may deny it, there is some chemical process involved. Chemicals are not a good thing to have in your body unless they are within certain limits.

Vitamins and minerals if taken in excess will turn toxic. Excessive vitamins are stored in the liver, or be deposited off as fat in the adipose tissue. Over time they accumulate and become toxic.

Too much vitamin A will cause the body to lose its oxygen rapidly. Nausea sets in. Due to lack of oxygen, the skin may go pale. Too much vitamin A intake also causes a lot of overload on the liver, ultimately leading to its damage. It even increases the chance of developing lung cancer among smokers.

Excessive vitamin D intake causes problems in the kidney. Kidney stones are the last thing you want. They are painful depositions of solidified vitamin D. Excessive vitamin D also causes hypertension. It could lead to a heart attack.

Vitamin E is the safest of all of them. That’s because it dissolves in fat. Excessive usage might not cause serious problems. In fact, excessive usage is recommended to prevent heart attacks.

If you suffer from alcohol abuse in Colorado you must be careful too not to intake too many vitamins. Check out resources for Alcohol Treatment in Colorado if you need help with an addiction.

It is very often that multivitamins contain 100 percent and more of your daily value of vitamin  C or A, calcium or iron. If you are consuming healthy and nutritional food, there is no need at all for including these in your diet.

So all these are the dark side of vitamins.


Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy


When preparing to welcome your newborn into the world, one of the most important things to do is to avoid specific foods while pregnant. As you mark off the days and weeks on your pregnancy calendar, your attention may be devoted to numerous things, such as preparing the baby’s room and making adjustments to your life. Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones will equip your baby with the right nutrients to enter the world with a healthy body. It is always important to eat well but even more essential when in pregnancy.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine causes potential problems such as decreasing the flow of blood to the baby. It can also increase the heart rate of the baby and increase miscarriage risks. Limit your caffeine intake to 200 mg per day. It is a strong diuretic which means it eliminates fluids from the body. Knowing this it is important to drink plenty of water, so you don’t lose too much water and calcium. Be watchful of caffeine in coffee, sodas and both dark and milk chocolate. Keep track of your caffeine intake on your pregnancy calendar. The safest way is to abstain from consuming caffeine.

Limit Mercury Intake

While fish is a healthy food for the average person, you want to avoid specific types of fish while pregnant. Fish such as tuna, swordfish, and shark have higher mercury content, which can be potentially damaging to a baby’s underdeveloped nervous system. Certain types of fish that is used in sushi contain high levels of mercury and should be avoided seriously. Choose safer fish options such as shrimp, salmon, and catfish.

Avoid Listeria

Pregnant women are particularly prone to illnesses resulting from listeria, a bacteria found in animal products, soil, and water. Miscarriage and infections are caused by listeria. Foods that contain listeria are soft cheeses, hot dogs, lunchmeats, raw milk, smoked seafood and unpasteurized juice. Avoid all foods with a long shelf life. Cook foods thoroughly to avoid bacterial infection. Make sure you drink pasteurized milk and eat cheeses made with pasteurized milk.


No amount of alcohol is safe

Alcohols should bi significantly avoided during pregnancy as can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other development disorders. Also, you should continue to avoid it during breastfeeding as it brings harmful risks reaching the baby.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse


Everyone wants to see their aging parents living in a healthy environment. That’s why the consideration of whether or not to send them to a nursing home is such a challenging decision. Besides the fact that today homes for elderly have the much better quality of life standards and may provide best possible health environment sometimes it just doesn’t work for some people. It is very often that old people want to stay in their common environment at home with their usual habits. It’s one thing to find a seemingly perfect place, and another entirely to have one’s parents move in with them for their final years. It’s more comfortable for the parents to be surrounded by familiar faces than to work on making new friendships at an advanced age. But that comfort comes at the cost of lifestyle flexibility. And not only that but often there come much bigger problems, disagreements and unpleasant separations between members of the whole family.  It is often a much less disruptive choice to see one’s parents taken care of by professionals.

Even the most reputable care center can occasionally hire a bad apple. This often leads to the same result: elderly care patients who suffer abuse needlessly. Often, their pain and suffering are tolerated silently, as an embarrassment and other factors lead to silence. Spotting abuse is as easy as hiring a Los Angeles nursing home abuse attorney.

Nursing home abuse involves psychological abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglecting and financial exploitation. All these sections have a wide range of abuse signs that should be carefully monitored.

Look for telltale signs to indicate things are not up to par – inexplicable bruising is one of the most obvious signs. Dissociation, in which your formerly lively parent suddenly develops reclusive habits, is another. If your parents are the strong but silent type, it’s going to take a lot of questions to get them to admit that something is wrong. Their habit will be to internalize; your job as their caregiver will be to draw the answers and explanations out of them. Even though every spotted symptom doesn’t necessarily lead to nurse home abuse, they should always be cause for some form of investigation. If you suspect abuse in the nursing home, speak with other patrons as well. A group of witnesses speaks louder than a sole witness.

Erectile Dysfunction: Effective Solutions Readily Available


Erectile dysfunction is a commonly occurring health problem among adult men. There are many causes, some of which can be dealt with effectively through behavior modification, and others which can be handled with medication.

Impotence is the inability to get and keep an erection during sexual performance. An erection is when blood enters the penis and is held there. It often results from sexual arousal; however, some health and psychological issues can hamper an erection. Problems with circulation frequently negatively impact penile function as does diabetes. When changing habits does not work, there are medical options, one of which is to buy Viagra online.

Habits that Increase Chances of Impotence

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to decrease one’s chance of erectile dysfunction. Some behaviors can lead to impotence, including:

    Smoking – Use of cigarettes can cause arterial narrowing which increases the likelihood of impotence.

    Unhealthy eating habits – Fatty food can also restrict blood flow by narrowing arteries.

    A sedentary lifestyle

    Stress – Testosterone can be lowered by lack of sleep and down time.

    Alcohol – Drinking too much negatively impacts blood vessels and can dampen the libido.

Other Ways to Improve Erectile Function

dysfunctionInclude physical activity in daily routine, it reduces stress, helps losing weight, increases blood flow which all play a part in erectile function activity. Try to work through relationship issues; sometimes it is only a problem in improving communication with your partner.

When all else fails, it is important to see your physician to rule out any other medical causes for erectile dysfunction. Your physician can review your health history and rule out other organic causes that could be resulting in impotence. You will help him a lot by preparing questions you need answers for, writing down any symptoms you observed and take your partner along too.  If lifestyle changes do not lead to a return to normal sexual function, your physician can prescribe a medication such as Viagra to allow for fully functioning sexual behavior. Your doctor should consider your preferences and explain benefits and risks of each treatment. Don’t also forget partner’s preferences which play an important role in treatment choice. Remember that these treatments need time as any other biological disfunction.