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Minerals Supplements for your daily diet


If food is considered as the raw material required for our survival, then minerals are an integral part of human growth and nutrition.  The minerals are classified into two major categories, i.e., macro and trace. The macro is the group of minerals which are required in large quantities by our body, whereas the trace is one which is required in just the small fraction. The Minerals are an integral part of our diet. It doesn’t hurt to be a little more aware of the minerals which fuel our body in adequate amount as every average diet says we should, without providing connected issues. Following is the list of minerals which are very important for your daily diet:

Calcium: Calcium is essential for strengthening our bones, for burning of excess fat and for the effective muscle movement. It also assists in nerve signaling, blood pressure and hormone secretion. This mineral is found in large quantity in the dairy products like milk, butter, curd etc. Taking too much may carry some risk for kidney stones.

Sodium: Extremely important to maintain the proper flow of fluid in our body. It is also important to maintain the effective acid-base balance at the time of loose motions and puking.  Since today’s menu of almost every house includes too much sodium anyway , consider low salt alternatives. The mineral is found in food products which are rich in iron sources.It is also found in most snacks, meals and even drinks.

iodineIodine: It is responsible for the maintenance of our hormonal system. It is a crucial component of thyroid hormones included in our basal metabolic rate. Helps in the regulation of body temperature, body growth, and development.  It is usually found in a large fraction of salts.

Although these minerals are an essential part of your diet but are careful, excessive consumption of minerals can be a reason for the serious damage to your body and immune system.  So, never try to use these minerals as supplements. The minerals should be kept effectively, exposure to air; water may reduce the effectiveness which one may get with the consumption of these minerals.