The dark side of vitamins


An enormous and inconceivable amount of money is spent every year in the world on vitamins and supplements to prolong a lifetime as it is believed. But many new studies are giving results proving this is going in totally other direction and taking it may shorten your life.

It is always advisable to take supplements in moderate measure. Excessive in-take of supplementary nutritional products will cause adverse effects. The best way to take-in vitamins is from natural food sources. You must not entirely rely on vitamin supplements.

There are some points to consider when talking about vitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements are processed. This means that a certain amount of chemical reaction is used to make them. Even though the manufacturer may deny it, there is some chemical process involved. Chemicals are not a good thing to have in your body unless they are within certain limits.

Vitamins and minerals if taken in excess will turn toxic. Excessive vitamins are stored in the liver, or be deposited off as fat in the adipose tissue. Over time they accumulate and become toxic.

Too much vitamin A will cause the body to lose its oxygen rapidly. Nausea sets in. Due to lack of oxygen, the skin may go pale. Too much vitamin A intake also causes a lot of overload on the liver, ultimately leading to its damage. It even increases the chance of developing lung cancer among smokers.

Excessive vitamin D intake causes problems in the kidney. Kidney stones are the last thing you want. They are painful depositions of solidified vitamin D. Excessive vitamin D also causes hypertension. It could lead to a heart attack.

Vitamin E is the safest of all of them. That’s because it dissolves in fat. Excessive usage might not cause serious problems. In fact, excessive usage is recommended to prevent heart attacks.

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It is very often that multivitamins contain 100 percent and more of your daily value of vitamin  C or A, calcium or iron. If you are consuming healthy and nutritional food, there is no need at all for including these in your diet.

So all these are the dark side of vitamins.