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Erectile Dysfunction: Effective Solutions Readily Available


Erectile dysfunction is a commonly occurring health problem among adult men. There are many causes, some of which can be dealt with effectively through behavior modification, and others which can be handled with medication.

Impotence is the inability to get and keep an erection during sexual performance. An erection is when blood enters the penis and is held there. It often results from sexual arousal; however, some health and psychological issues can hamper an erection. Problems with circulation frequently negatively impact penile function as does diabetes. When changing habits does not work, there are medical options, one of which is to buy Viagra online.

Habits that Increase Chances of Impotence

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to decrease one’s chance of erectile dysfunction. Some behaviors can lead to impotence, including:

    Smoking – Use of cigarettes can cause arterial narrowing which increases the likelihood of impotence.

    Unhealthy eating habits – Fatty food can also restrict blood flow by narrowing arteries.

    A sedentary lifestyle

    Stress – Testosterone can be lowered by lack of sleep and down time.

    Alcohol – Drinking too much negatively impacts blood vessels and can dampen the libido.

Other Ways to Improve Erectile Function

dysfunctionInclude physical activity in daily routine, it reduces stress, helps losing weight, increases blood flow which all play a part in erectile function activity. Try to work through relationship issues; sometimes it is only a problem in improving communication with your partner.

When all else fails, it is important to see your physician to rule out any other medical causes for erectile dysfunction. Your physician can review your health history and rule out other organic causes that could be resulting in impotence. You will help him a lot by preparing questions you need answers for, writing down any symptoms you observed and take your partner along too.  If lifestyle changes do not lead to a return to normal sexual function, your physician can prescribe a medication such as Viagra to allow for fully functioning sexual behavior. Your doctor should consider your preferences and explain benefits and risks of each treatment. Don’t also forget partner’s preferences which play an important role in treatment choice. Remember that these treatments need time as any other biological disfunction.